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UAL and the European Union

A map of Europe and other continents drawn on a cobbled floor
A map of Europe and other continents drawn on a cobbled floor
Student work displayed at the London College of Communication Masters Show 2014

London is at the crossroads of European and world culture. The UK’s future depends on being a place where creative people come together.

For our 2,900 EU students from across 27 member states, UAL is a place to meet new people and discover unexpected talents, while living in one of the world’s most exciting cities. Studying here gives you a unique network in art and design and a chance to expand your horizons, be inspired by new ideas and collaborate with people from different nations.

Our EU students

UAL's EU students are some of the most ambitious, innovative and creative people found at our university and contribute extraordinarily to the institution.

We believe that only continued collaboration and engagement with the EU, Europe and the rest of the world will ensure that UAL continues to build upon the many successes that its students and staff have achieved.

Facts about our EU students

  • EU students make up 15%, or 2,900 students, of UAL.
  • EU students are some of UAL's highest attaining group with 75% achieving 1.1 (First) or 2.1 (Upper-Second).
  • An amazing 91% of our EU students continue on with their courses at UAL.

Student information

Read our Brexit information for students

Student Services
Phone: +44 (0)20 7514 6900
Phone: +44 (0)20 7514 6590

Creativity is borderless

UAL is striving for our work with the EU and wider Europe to remain borderless and creative.

Sir Nigel Carrington, UAL Vice-Chancellor, 2008 -21: ''Creative Unions is our way of saying it’s essential that our key cultural values are respected, treasured and promoted.''

Creative Unions is a collaborative movement to bring together creative talent from London and across the world in order to keep creativity borderless.

From April to September 2018, Central Saint Martins, MA Fine Art students took part in OVERPR!NT, AG!TATE, ACT!VATE at Centre de la Gravure.

An exhibition in three parts, OVERPR!NT stemmed from years of collaboration between European art schools which are all part of the Printmaking Union.

Why do we need #CreativeUnions​?

#CreativeUnions​ Nigel Carrington - University of the Arts London

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