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Alumni associations and groups

Get together, create and collaborate with UAL's worldwide alumni network.

Want to meet old classmates and make new friends? Join one of our alumni associations or groups and you can: attend events, take part in discussions, group projects, activities and more.

These are fantastic opportunities to build your professional network and support causes important to you. Find out more and get involved.

  • UAL Alumni of Colour Association Committee; Richie Manu (Vice President), Halime Özdemir (Head of Communications) and Linett Kamala (President)

    Alumni of Colour Association

    Join our supportive community of people of colour in the creative industries.

  • Enterprising Alum Group

    Enterprising Alumni Association

    Keep in contact with other creative entrepreneurs and industry leaders from UAL.

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Asia and Australasia


Start a new group

It’s easy to set up a new group or organise an event in your country. Get in touch:

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  • Alumni at a networking event
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    Alumni events

    Join our exclusive events to network, learn and celebrate with UAL alumni around the world.

  • Jobs and Internships

    Volunteer and mentor

    Find out how you can help the next generation of talent or give back to our communities.

  • UAL Alumni of Colour

    Plan a reunion

    Reconnect with old friends and make new contacts.

  • UAL Alumni Events, UAL New York, UAL East Coast Alumni

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