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Alumni of Colour Association - Responding to the shift

AOCA Event
AOCA Event
AOCA Event
Written by
Maria Ryan
Published date
04 June 2020

The UAL Alumni of Colour Association (AoCA) is a supportive community that works to increase the visibility of people of colour in the creative industries - and celebrates their work and achievements.

A message from Halime Özdemir, Head of Communications, AoCA

Current global events remind us that more than ever we need to stand united within a community that is forward looking.

If our underpinning focus is that of presenting an offering which is as we feel, an objective, overarching exploration of Alumni of Colour; how then should we address this “shift” from an artistic stand-point? As curators, producers, educators and creatives. We can surely use our curiosity as our engine grease, to respond not only empathically, but critically, to the way in which humanity is responding in this frenzied global “fight or flight”, “survival of the fittest” selfish and blame mongering.

It is from this point onward, that we owe it to our members; the thinkers, dreamers, survivors and educators to address how we want to see our societies evolve.

The toll on society is unequivocally high, but we must press on.

What I would be keen to know is: How can UAL and our wider creative networks support us with this message?  Who has recently publicly stated that they want to make a real change?

We are proud to be part of a community that has tirelessly worked for many years in the field of social justice and as well as being members of the AoCA, we want to ensure that you are aware of the various channels and organisations available to you.

Our immediate response is to continue to provide our alumni and students of colour with a pool of resources and to continue to promote the network to reach those who aren’t aware of us yet.

As the AoCA, we are here.

For us to do this we need to make sure you are signed up to our mailing list, so please get in touch with us today at

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