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LCC alumna has launched a London film festival

Popcorn knocked over on the floor
Popcorn knocked over on the floor
Written by
Eleanor Harvey
Published date
27 February 2019

Valentine del Giudice studied BA (Hons) Design Management & Cultures at London College of Communication (LCC), graduating in 2016. She is the founder of SSSHAKE, a cross-disciplinary creative app aimed at fostering collaborations across industries. They’ve recently launched Fckng Film Fest (or FFF), a film festival with a difference. Here she writes about why she developed SSSHAKE, and how you can get involved with FFF.

Valentine Del Guidice, LCC alumna and founder of SSSHAKE creative networking app
Valentine Del Giudice, founder of SSSHAKE

My time at LCC was inspiring and exciting. I had amazing tutors and lecturers who pushed me to explore and think differently. I experimented, learned and grew so much during these years. A concrete example is that I started the Design Management course with the idea of becoming an art dealer and ended up creating SSSHAKE!

SSSHAKE was born from my personal frustration in the difficulty of finding the right people to collaborate with when I moved to Helsinki in 2015 for an Erasmus Exchange, the app idea became fully developed. It was really difficult to start new projects in a city where I knew no one. We feel connected with social media but it is actually quite difficult to meet local people ready to activate new projects. Our main mission is to promote real-life interactions, so even in the app feed, you always see the people who are the closest to you first. It’s now been two years that we have been facilitating collaborations through the app and through events, and we now have hubs in London, Berlin, Paris, Lyon, Brussels and Montreal.

A man with his eyes obscured, and his mouth full of popcorn, advertising FCKNG FILM FEST

The idea of the FFF came from Cesar, our Head of Content, who is a Film Director with many years of experience as a freelancer and has an unmatched passion for films. He felt that having a chance to interact with an audience in real-life was increasingly difficult for the new generation of filmmakers and that a festival with a different approach was missing in the industry. And so FFF was born!

The aim of FFF is to give the opportunity to the internet generation of video makers to have a chance to see their work screened in a cinema in front of an audience and open IRL discussion with their viewers.

The festival also wants to showcase the diversity and eclecticism within video making, and finally and foremost to facilitate industry networking among creators.

FFF will run in London on selected dates between 3 April - 3 May 2019.

Popcorn knocked over on the floor

How you can get involved:

We are looking for those who can “think outside the frame”. We want to see things that won’t leave our audience disinterested; videos that feel fresh and go beyond the scope of cinema. Art pieces that can surprise, horrify, amuse, entertain, enlighten, shock, disturb… We don’t care about genre as we don’t like to categorise films. From experimental films to music videos, fiction to animation, or fashion videos to documentaries, anything that is a moving image works for us.

Why enter?

  • Receiving The Public Choice Award or Team Pick Award gives you the possibility to get your film screened on multiple additional locations with even larger screening rooms alongside the other winners of the different FCKNG FILM FEST screening sessions.
  • Our official sponsor Backstage will offer a free casting code and actor membership for your acting team
  • A free Casting Director service for your next short project with Backstage's UK Casting Specialist.
  • Finally, your work will be promoted on SSSHAKE social media and website.

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