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Meet: Shannyce Adamson

Written by
Eleanor Harvey
Published date
16 December 2019

Shannyce Adamson hasn’t hung around since graduating earlier this year from London College of Communication (LCC); she has been busy creating and launching Easy Hang, a durable clothes hanger designed to make hanging and storing of clothes more sustainable.

When we met to talk about her project, she had us hanging off her every word…

Photo of Shannyce Adamson
Image credit: Shannyce Adamson, Easy Hang


The idea for Easy Hang came from Shannyce’s experiences working in the fashion industry, from store assistant to assisting styling during London Fashion Week. Working in a busy clothing store, and the high-pressure environment backstage during a fashion show or a photoshoot meant that she was constantly hanging and unhanging expensive items of clothing but the awful design of hangers made it difficult without damaging them. On top of that, Shannyce saw firsthand the number of excess hangers that were wasted and discarded on a day to day basis; which according to research is approximately 100million plastic hangers in landfill per year in Britain alone. This made her think, surely there must be a better way than this?

With the fashion industry aiming to implement more sustainable practices, she felt it was important to not forget about clothing hangers and the impact they hold in this effort of change.

With a  degree in BA (Hons) Design for Art Direction, Shannyce's time at LCC was instrumental in the development of Easy Hang:

The incredible facilities and technicians [at LCC] meant that I was able to learn how to use various software to create the initial Easy Hang visuals through 3D renderings and utilise the 3D printing facilities available to help realize these designs.


Currently, Easy Hang is in its final development phase, finalising and perfecting every feature before moving forward into manufacturing.

Easy Hang has also been selected by NatWest as part of their Back Her Business programme, an initiative which supports female entrepreneurs.

Find out more about the project:

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