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R&D and Innovation

Work by Fine Art graduate Lea Spatium
Work by Fine Art graduate Lea Spatium
Work by Fine Art graduate Lea Spatium

Research & Development and Innovation is how we support businesses and brands to achieve their goals

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We share our creative expertise with businesses and brands to research and develop innovative products and services.

Our academics and researchers are based across our Colleges, Institutes and Research Centres.

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Design Museum x LCC

Innovate across disciplines

We're experts in all creative fields, from traditional to emerging ones:

  • design and fashion
  • performance
  • fine art
  • media and communications
  • artificial intelligence
  • bio-design
  • physical computing
  • immersive technologies.

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Qiang Huang, Bike Scavengers

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Re-inventing the Fashion industry

Watch how we're collaborating with the fashion, textiles and technology industry to help businesses with growth, sustainability and technological innovation.

Find out more about the Business of Fashion, Textiles and Technology (BFTT).

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