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Jazmin Morris

Associate Lecturer
UAL Creative Computing Institute
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Jazmin  Morris


Jazmin Morris is a Creative Computing Artist and Educator based in London. Her personal practise and research explore representation and inclusivity within technology. She uses free and open-source tools to create digital experiences that highlight issues surrounding gender, race and power; focusing on the complexities within simulating culture and identity.

Jazmin is a socially engaged artist, often collaborating with communities to provide workshops and tutorials, including our own Tech Yard - a club initiated to explore Creative Computing with young people based in Southwark.

As well as her roles at the CCI, Jazmin is the Lead Digital Tutor on the Graphic Communication Design course at Central Saint Martins. Jazmin has collaborated with various studios and institutions across Europe including; The Hague (KABK), Hyphen Labs, A Vibe Called Tech, Tate Modern, NEoN Digital Arts Festival, Institute of Coding, Stemettes and Hervisions.