Health and safety forms for you to download and complete as needed.

These forms are also available alongside a whole range of information on our other health and safety intranet pages, so please take a look.

Accident / incident / near-miss report

All incidents that happen because of university activities must be reported using the UAL incident reporting procedure. Reports should be made immediately. Incident Report forms can be found at the Front Desk of every UAL building or can be downloaded from the following link below. For more information please see our first aid and incident reporting page.

General risk assessment

Your tutors and technicians carry out risk assessments for any hazardous activities you undertake at UAL. However when you are managing a project yourself, such as a final show piece, exhibition or event, we won’t have risk assessed it so this is something you need to do. It will still be agreed (signed off) by a tutor, but you will work out yourself what the health and safety issues are and how to manage them.

The general risk assessment form should be used to record all risk assessments (apart from those that involve the use of hazardous substances or where the activity mainly involves manual handling). Download the form below:

Hazardous substances (COSHH365 / Sevron) risk assessment

This software is for the assessment of activities involving hazardous substances but you need to ensure you have spoken to a member of staff and received the necessary training before carrying out a risk assessment of a hazardous substance. Speak to your workshop technician or course leader and see the Risk Assessment - Hazardous Substances section for further details.

Manual handling risk assessment

Manual handling assessments should be carried out for all activities involving hazardous manual handling. It may be necessary to complete both
a general risk assessment and a manual handling assessment.

New and expectant mothers risk assessment

To be completed by the Health and Safety Adviser and a pregnant employee or student to agree any adjustments necessary.

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP)

This form should be completed to identify any adjustments needed to ensure a member of staff or student can evacuate the site(s) they work at or visit regularly.