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Careers support for students

UAL’s Careers and Employability team can support you to make a living doing what you love.

Support is free and accessible to all UAL students. We believe that everyone should be able to achieve their creative ambitions, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Most opportunities are open to all, but some might be limited to specific groups - we'll make it clear when this is the case.

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    Find a job

    Find creative work using our jobs board Creative Opportunities and UAL’s temping service ArtsTemps. We also have resources to help you with job hunting and applications.

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    Opportunities for underrepresented students

    Learn more about Creative Shift, our programme of opportunities and events designed to help you kick start your career.

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    Exhibit and sell your work

    We can help you to sell your work by taking part in exhibitions, trade shows and through our central London retail space not just a shop.

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    Events and workshops

    Our free events, training sessions and one-to-ones will help you to learn practical skills, gain advice and meet creative professionals.

What's new?

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    From idea to industry: valuing your creative rights

    Learn how to protect your intellectual property (IP) by taking our online learning module.

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    Learning Guides

    Get guidance and tips on portfolios, understanding your skills, application writing and more...

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    Online interview simulator  

    Prepare for face-to-face, telephone and video interviews using advice, information, sample questions and a mock interview.



We don't have a student-facing office, but our  Student Employability Practitioners run events to support you with your career in each College during term time.

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