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Confidentiality Policy

This page includes information for parents, guardians and friends of our students.


Parents can find further information about how Student Services at the University supports our students on these pages.

However, to ensure we respect the privacy of all UAL students and to comply with data protection law, please note that UAL staff are not able to share personal information or discuss matters relating to individual students with any third party, even if they are close relatives or friends.

This means that we cannot confirm the status of any individual student at UAL, for example we cannot confirm to a third party whether a person is a current student or not. We realise that this can sometimes feel like unnecessary caution, but we hope you understand and appreciate the reasons behind this position.

If you are a concerned parent, family member or friend of a student, we may be able to contact the student and let them know that you have been in touch, or we may be able to help by providing you with some general information about student support available at the University.

Please refer to our confidentiality policies for more information.

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