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Terms of Use

We live in a high tech and highly connected world. This offers amazing opportunities, but also presents risks to individual users and networks. The following terms of use apply to all UAL account users.

IT Network and Acceptable Use Policy for students

The IT Network and Acceptable Use Policy outlines how you can protect your device and the University network. Before accessing the UAL network on your own device, please read the IT Network and Acceptable Use Policy. See our information on Email Security (PDF 159KB)

These policies are in place to:

  • protect your security and the University’s security
  • establish good codes of conduct
  • ensure we’re working within the law

These terms apply whenever you are accessing UAL systems, whichever device you are using. At all times, you should be aware that communication and work that takes place on University systems is the property of UAL and may be monitored.

Social networking

Social networking has become a vital form of communication and most social networking sites can be accessed through University systems.

Students and staff will be responsible and personally liable for anything posted on social networking sites. UAL will not be responsible for any misuse of information in the public domain, including tweets or Facebook posts, which may be subject to the laws of libel.

If you are communicating through social networking sites, you must make it clear that any views expressed are your own views and not those of the University. This applies to both UAL students and staff.

Need IT Support?

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